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February 14, 2023

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Hello Everyone, 

I spent two incredible days in Yuba City at our Light Dove Ministries event. Take a look at some of the other speakers in the line up: Ron GibsonAlan MastersJosh Yoder, Nikki FlorioPastor Dave Bryan, Andrew & René Serafini. All these powerhouse advocates and freedom warriors in their own field came together to inspire each other and to harness our synergistic powers in this fight of our lifetime.

Courtesy of Maureen McDonnell from Millions against Mandates, we distributed these fabulous bags and raised money for the event. 

You, too, can be a "vaccine injury specialist" and help the victims of this plague of corruption find the solutions we present to heal and recover!


We have hit 150k followers on Twitter this week! I am so thankful to @elonmusk for restoring freedom of speech on his platform and allowing for true scientific discourse.


February 9th, 2023: Twitter Spaces Recording of the GlobalTekMD World Event - The Vaccine Injured, Spike Proteins, Facts, & Solutions - Hosted/Co-hosted by Lance 'The Big Mig' Migliaccio and George Ballouttine. Special Guests: Dr. Judy Mikovits PhD, Dr. Stella Immanuel, Dr. Tracey Stroup, Dr. LTC Pete Chambers, Dr. Jake Johnston, Dr. Jeffrey Parker, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, Roger Stone, General M. Flynn, Pete Santilli, Ann Vandersteel, Evan Demarco and more.

Lance said you can send your health questions to: [email protected] or call 1-844-GlobeMD. The nutritional foundation protocols that Dr. Tracey Stroup, NC and I thoroughly recommend for health & wellness are my favorites: Prolean Greens, IF200,  PaximuneDMG and SPM, all of which are in the Dr. Judy Recovery Bundle.

Twitter Space: Global Tek MD Vaccine Injured & Shedding w/ Gen Flynn & Roger Stone

On Feb 15 @ 2 pm PT, I will be on the The Amelia Love Show-Wellness Wednesdays streaming on The Patriot Party News.

The Amelia Love Show-Wellness Wednesdays

New information on my HAWAII TOUR coming up next week. See below!

Shedding Fear? Fear No More! If you are worried about spike proteins shedding from the vaxxed, use Micronic Silver Ozonated Ointment and help your skin detox from the toxic spike proteins. Your epidermis is your first line of defense and if you treat it well, it will keep your body protected. Be proactive.

Read these astonishing reviews on how quickly Jeffrey Adam's Micronic Silver products improved or eliminated many ailments from cancer to psoriasis, fatigue, infection and pain.

The Real Dr Judy Data Substack

In 1999 I was a PostDoc in the lab of Genomic Diversity at the NCI in Frederick, MD. My colleagues and I confirmed and extended my doctoral thesis work to show the difference between the deadly and the harmless Ebola strains (variants) - Ebola Zaire and Ebola Reston. (It is worth noting here that there are no bat caves in Reston, Virginia - only the CIA.)  But the key point here is that the difference in the 2 Ebola strains was the fact that the deadly Zaire strain produced a Cytokine Storm! 


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Flyover Conservatives Interview in Nashville: Never violate your oath! The young generations need to hear this! Do you want to know why as a 25 year old lab technician I told Fauci to go Fauci himself (used a diff. F💣then.) 


The HighWire: Danger in the Skies with pilot Josh Yoder and cardiologist Dr. Thomas Levy MD on the FAA's sudden change of the Cardiac Health Rules. 

Why would you suddenly change an EKG parameter that's been set for 100 years and has been the standard by which cardiologists read EKG's? This puts us ALL at risk!


Empower yourself with a new solution for health and well-being! Sign up at GlobalTek MD as your alternative for non-emergency "wellcare." You'll get Virtual Healthcare to a nationwide network of US Board Certified Doctors 24/7/365 at an affordable price.

Listen to the Liberty News Radio podcast that aired 1/11/23 explaining GlobalTEK MD and how it can benefit you. Hear from Gen. Flynn, Ann Vandersteel, myself and many others! 

Receive a FREE 20 minute symptoms discovery call with an Alternative Medicine Physician.


CAN YOU DETOX FROM THE [email protected]?

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Class 2: The [email protected] of hope & current concerns

Class 3: Shutting down the expression: Part 1

Class 4: Shutting down the expression: Part 2

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Best of health,

Dr. Judy A. Mikovits, PhD

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The FDA is taking another step forward in its plans to eliminate homeopathic medicines from the market. The FDA’s position on homeopathic injectables puts safe pain and cancer therapies in jeopardy. The FDA is using this initial attack as an entry point to eliminate homeopathic medicine entirely, and we cannot let it proceed unchecked. Let's ensure that Americans can continue to access homeopathic medicines.




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